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Healing Hearts

is a professional counselling / psychotherapy centre in  Hong Kong.  

Healing Hearts has a team of professionals who provide counselling / psychotherapy services to a wide range of clients with their unique needs. Counselling can be provided in Cantonese, Mandarin and English languages. 


ONLINE COUNSELLING is now available!!

Counselling / psychotherapy is a platform which allows individuals to acknowledge, accept, surrender, encounter and discover a myriad aspects of their personality and character.  


Gaining greater insights into our ways of thinking, our beliefs and the rationales behind our behaviours, we are better able to manage our emotional and life challenges and hence live a better life.  With professional assistance, we are better able to become kinder to ourselves, to our loved ones and to the world.


At Healing Hearts, each of our professional therapists is unique in their own form of therapy styles.  Our therapists will adopt their style of therapy according to the client's needs.

Given the unique nature of all individuals, Healing Hearts believes that there is no single modality suitable for all clients.


We mainly adopt an integrative approach based on the following modalities:

  • Person-centred therapy

  • Cognitive behaviour therapy

  • Emotion-focussed therapy

  • Solution focussed brief therapy  

  • Mindfulness therapy

  • Play therapy

  • Family therapy

  •   Children's Behaviour

  •   Children's Social Skills

  •   Conflict Management Styles

  •   Role Model Parents

Adult's Counselling


We provide psychotherapy / counselling services to adults from all backgrounds.


Psychotherapy / counselling is a personal growth process by which we learn to find answers for our own lives.

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