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Our Fees for
Marriage / Pre-marital Counselling

Single session - HK$1100


The duration of each session is 60 minutes

Pre-marital Counselling


What is Pre-marital Counselling?

Pre-marital Counselling is intended to prepare pre-marital couples for the challenges of marriage.   

GOALS of Pre-marital Counselling

  • To assist pre-marital couples to review and examine each other’s personality, family of origin and values

  • To deepen understanding of each others' needs and expectations 

  • To learn and develop effective and healthy communication patterns 

  • To understand their respective roles as husband and wife 

  • To understand the impact of marriages to their social, sex, work and family lives

  • To discuss important topics such as religion, children, parenting styles and finances 

  • To set realistic expectations of marriages

  • To enhance acceptance and respect

  • To build stronger and healthier marriages

When is the right time for Pre-marital Counselling?

  • Couples who plan to get married 

  • Couples who feel anxious, fearful or uncertain of getting married

  • Couples who experience clashes while planning their wedding

Marriage / Pre-marital Counselling


What is marriage / relationship counselling?


Marriage / relationship counselling addresses issues and problems which arise from adult intimate relationships.  Marriage / relationship counselling can help couples:


  • To acknowledge and address destructive patterns of relating

  • To improve communication 

  • To acknowledge and reconcile differences

  • To learn conflict and emotions management skills

  • To examine the impact of change and loss

  • To acknowledge abusive relationships and domestic violence

  • To understand how their family of origin and past experiences can impact on their way of relating


It is normal for relationships to go through cycles of ups and downs.  Trust and intimacy forms the basis of healthy and stable relationships. However, when trust and love is replaced by resentment and anger, both the relationships and the individuals would suffer. The marital problems would be complicated if there are young children involved.  


Indications of marital / relationship problems


  • Personality clashes

  • Suspected or actual extramarital affairs

  • Domestic violence

  • Breakdown of communication

  • The bond of trust is eroded or broken

  • Arguments persist without resolution

  • Depression or other health problems

  • Vast differences in parenting style and approach

  • Sex has stopped or caused problems


When is the right time for Marriage / Relationship Counselling?

  • Occurrence of extramarital affairs

  • Betrayal of trust

  • Separation or divorce seems like the only option

  • Arguments continue and parties cannot find ways to resolve

  • Desire for sex has disappeared

  • Breakdown of communication

  • Domestic and/or emotional violence

If you have a busy work schedule or is geographically limited and is physically unable to attend face-to-face counselling, we do offer ONLINE COUNSELLING via video calls.

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