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Message from Ring


"As a family therapist, I will take you to see the problems in a systemic view with wider perspectives for better coping even you come alone.  In family sessions, I will activate the strengths in the family and help you and other family members open up new possibilities in the healing journey."

Ring Chung
Marriage and Family Therapist

M.S.Sc. (Marriage & Family Therapy) (HKU) 
B.S.Sc. (First-class Hons) (Psychology) 
Cert. in Counselling Children with Special Education Needs  
NLP Practitioner 

Full member of the Academy of Family Therapy, Hong Kong

Ring is a dedicated marriage and family therapist as well as an experienced mother.  She has married for over 20 years with two daughters. Undoubtedly, she has solid life experiences in couple relationship and parenting.  She is currently a guest lecturer at the Hong Kong Institute of Education delivering parenting talks and workshops.


Treatment Approach 

Ring mainly uses the modalities of structural, Bowen and narrative approach in treatment. In the therapeutic process, she also uses the elements in cognitive-behavior therapy, emotion-focused therapy as well as play therapy depending on the nature of cases and stage of treatment.  Her style in therapy is warm, calm, connected and interactive.

Professional Training

She has received the professional training in psychology as well as marriage and family therapy.  Highlights are as follows:

  • Children development

  • Social Psychology

  • Children and adolescents in the family 

  • Children and youth mental health

  • Adjustment issues in post-divorce families

  • Cognitive psychology

  • Psychosomatic families 

  • Marriage and sexuality 

  • Working with couples 

Clinical Experiences

Ring has clinical experiences in different settings including primary schools, secondary schools, youth organizations as well as mental health organisations.  She has worked with families dealing with children and adolescents’ emotional and behavioural problems including school refusal, low motivation, over-dependency, temper tantrums, conflicts with parents, as well as couple relationships, parenting and adjustment issues. Moreover, she works on the cases treating clients with depression, anxiety, and grief and loss and other mood disorders.   Ring has come across different types of families including nuclear, divorced, blended and HK-Mainland families. Presently, she works exceptionally well with women under life stresses such as emotional problems, marital crisis, parenting, and divorce.  She also connects with the teenagers well on treating their different issues in their development stage.   

Besides, Ring has been a facilitator leading an emotional support group of the people with depression in a non-profit making organization.   

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